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ZUP, a start-up company, came to DP with a clever yet simple idea around the universal problem of attaching jackets to trousers when biking. Not being able to link them can be a safety issue in exposing skin in motoring accidents. ZUP is the world’s first and only system to allow bikers to mix and match their favourite gear, making riding safer and more comfortable. Cathal Loughnane, our creative director, is among a number of bikers in Design Partners who all understood and related to the problem. He led the team that worked with ZUP and helped develop the business model and the product concepts. Recognising that the concepts could not have impact and evolve in the marketplace without a strong and memorable identity the team focussed early on tuning into what was unique about ZUP and turning that into an iconic brand.
The branding concept was based on a reflective luminescent red strip that would become an instantly recognisable icon when worn. This is also reflected in the ZUP logo and became the driver for other areas of their corporate identity.

Photos are of Mattie Griffin, who is in the top five riders in the world of ‘Street Bike Freestyle Riding’, and was thrilling the crowds at the ZUP launch.