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Creativity in Virtual Reality

Design Partners and Logitech have a longstanding strategic relationship when it comes to design and innovation, having created some of the world’s best-loved gaming, productivity, and creativity tools together. As well as sharing strong values of collaboration, we also share the ambition to create meaningful experiences that enhance people’s lives. With an open brief, Logitech asked our team to create a series of rapid design concepts in Virtual Reality using their VR Ink pen and Gravity Sketch software. This is the second in the series: Toccata – Music Creation System


Story of Flow

A flow state is when you’re completely immersed in the joy of an activity. For Cormac Ó Conaire, our Chief Design Officer, this happens every time he sits down to play or write music – productivity and creativity in perfect concert. “Hours go by without noticing. I often switch between beautifully crafted analog instruments like piano, drums or guitars to the incredible digital tools available nowadays, but this constant shift between physical and digital interactions can break my flow.” So, he set about bridging that divide using VR Ink and Gravity Sketch.


Why this VR concept?

What if there was an ecosystem of products that bridged that divide, and kept me in a perpetual state of joy? Cormac explains, “I wanted the Toccata concept to bridge the divide between the digital and physical worlds of music creation – to bring a sensory experience into a digital workflow. For the creator to feel a tactile connection to the virtual notes and instruments being played – an experience between live instruments & digital audio workstations.” The word Toccata (from the Italian “to touch”) is a musical composition (typically for a keyboard instrument) designed to exhibit the performer’s touch and technique.

See our Instagram stories for more content, and stay tuned for further VR Concepts in this series.

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