WORK / Expertise VR Modular Autonomous Vehicle

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Creativity in Virtual Reality

Design Partners and Logitech have a longstanding strategic relationship when it comes to design and innovation, having created some of the world’s best-loved gaming, productivity, and creativity tools together. As well as sharing strong values of collaboration, we also share the ambition to create meaningful experiences that enhance people’s lives. With an open brief, Logitech asked our team to create a series of rapid design concepts in Virtual Reality using their VR Ink pen and flyingshapes software. This is the third in the series: MAV – Modular Autonomous Vehicle.



The automotive industry is facing a most radical shift now, and the next wave of design will be driven by advancements in technology as well as a more sustainability-aware public. Taking a system-driven approach to the future of car design could help bring us closer to a circular economy as well as deliver on the new demands from consumers – from personalisation, to cars as living-spaces, to safer commuting.

Click on the video below to see how the concept came to life in VR.


Why this concept?

With the onset of the recent global pandemic, the idea of feeling together while apart was an aspiration most of us felt in some way. MAV explores a modular future of transportation, where individual pods can be situated side by side on the same autonomous chassis. It forms part of a system-driven approach that would also unlock more personalised transport for everyone. People can travel in comfort on their own or with others feeling safe and comfortable. The MAV concept integrates into other forms of public transport to provide a better, more sustainable future.

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