WORK / Expertise VR Boxing Boot – DORN

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Creativity in Virtual Reality

Design Partners and Logitech have a longstanding strategic relationship when it comes to design and innovation, having created some of the world’s best-loved gaming, productivity, and creativity tools together. As well as sharing strong values of collaboration, we also share the ambition to create meaningful experiences that enhance people’s lives. With an open brief, Logitech asked our team to create a series of rapid design concepts in Virtual Reality using their VR Ink pen and flyingshapes software. This is the fourth in the series: DORN – Boxing Boot.



Footwork is king in the ring for Olympic-level boxing. Dorn is a future concept based around enhancing the three primary boxing footwork motions through form and technology – Pushing off the toes for fast punching and evading, Pivoting on the ball of the foot to turn, and Planting the feet for power shots. DORN comes from the Irish word for boxing – dornálaíocht.


Why this concept?

Inspired by Design Partners’ mission, to Elevate Human Potential, the Dorn concept aims to enhance a boxer’s agility in the ring. Being experts at designing complex 3-dimensional forms, VR was the perfect test bed for rapidly designing an intricate form and capturing a compelling concept. Read more about our VR points of view in the case studies and articles below.

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