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Expanding the limits of musical instruments

Our latest report is here, the 5th in Design Partners’ future-research series. For this study, we’re exploring the limits in musical instrument design, studying why people continue to develop new tools and devices for music creation. As a creative team, responsible for designing future products and services, we are always inspired by other creative endeavours. Music is one of the most beloved experiences on our planet, yet its creation can be mystifying. The sound from a musical instrument can evoke a wide ambitus of emotional responses, connecting with us on a soulful level. Given that there are numerous musical devices in existence, why do humans continue to seek new forms of music creation? What drives continual experimenting in this space? How can we democratise musical instrument design? Get your personal copy of this study using the download link below. Watch an on-demand recording where our research team unpacks some of the key findings from the report.  

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    The study was created by the Design Partners team, led by Yana Zalesskaya, Anusia Grennell and Cormac Ó Conaire of Design Partners, included interviewing several experts and creators around the world to gain an understanding of the needs and motivations behind creating new devices: Yuri Suzuki, sound artist, designer and electronic musician. Vahakn Matossian, lead designer & co-founder of Human Instruments. Tim Palm, award-winning musician and instrument designer. Úlfur Hansson, composer, producer and instrument creator. John Kelly, musician, activist and inventor of the Kellycaster.

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