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The Second Self

Our next report is here! In our latest study we focus on the future of human-artificial intelligence (AI) interaction. How might AI affect how we manage our future health and wellness? If AI is truly an intelligence, could it evolve into a personality beyond synthetic chatbots? And how will AI-powered enhancements upgrade our mental and physical abilities in the future? Entitled the Second Self, we explore fictional stories around human-AI interaction and unpack the possibilities that surround them.

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    This study was created by Design Partners’ team, led by Yana Zalesskaya and Cormac Ó Conaire, who have designed many future-led experiences for clients including AI to help medication adherence, AI as a coach, sports wearables driven by AI, and the future of human-robot interaction. To compliment this study the team interviewed three subject matter experts: Ian Pearson – A full time futurologist for over 25 years, Gavin O’Duffy – Technical strategy lead for AI smart assistant, Alexa, and Frank Theys – filmmaker & visual artist known for his documentaries on AI and the advance of technology.

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