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Team flow in virtual and hybrid work

In our 6th future-research report we’re exploring the phenomenon of team flow in virtual and hybrid work. Flow is a state when you’re fully immersed in an activity, feeling energised, and completely absorbed in the moment. In flow, you experience increased productivity, creativity, and happiness. As well as being an individual experience, flow can also be achieved in a group setting, known as team flow.

As our world shifts towards virtual and hybrid collaboration, what can we learn from how people have adapted to these new working environments? What steps or techniques can we adopt to maximise a team’s potential to enter flow together? In this report, we present ‘5 ways to promote flow in virtual and hybrid teams’, from existing literature and from our research findings that delve into the lived experience of over 1,000 employees operating within this hybrid workspace. Building on our previous report on FLOW X DESIGN, our team dives deep into these topics to uncover practical tools and techniques to help people achieve flow together. Download your copy of our report using the form below or scroll down to watch the webinar.

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    The study was created by the Design Partners team, led by Cormac Ó Conaire, Anusia Grennell, Afraic O’Riordan and Yana Zalesskaya of Design Partners.

    Watch the webinar below to see the team present some of the key findings from the study.


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