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Kev Dunne

Senior Interaction Designer

Kevin is Lead Interaction Designer in Design Partners, specialising in designing digital user experiences across the consumer, professional and healthcare categories. Kevin has been designing for over 15 years in graphic design, interaction design and user experience (UX).


Design Partners is delighted to be speaking & sponsoring

UXcamp, which is taking Place this Saturday 20th May in IADT. It is a one-day BarCamp where you can learn and share your passion about User Experience and related disciplines, such as Information Architecture, Interaction and Visual Design, Service Design, Content Strategy, Psychology, Usability, and many more. The event is for designers, strategists, product and project managers, developers, thinkers and anyone else who is interested in this broad range of topics..

This year Design Partners is delighted to be gold sponsor and speak at this event. We are a 35 person, award winning, industrial design company based in Bray, with clients all over the world. Kevin Dunne and Marija Cosic UX /IxD experts will talk about Design Partners’ adventures in  Mixed Reality (MR). We’ll talk about the challenges and opportunities for designers working in this space and show some of the results of our work.


Mixed Reality

We are interested in how MR can be most effective in the world of the connected worker. How can we harness these new technologies to improve a user’s experience in the workplace? Can we use the technology to improve user safety or productivity? Can we help users learn and share knowledge easily?

One of the biggest challenges in designing for MR is also one of it’s biggest opportunities; it is a new form of user interaction. This means that some interactions can be alien to first-time users, making it difficult to create immediately intuitive workflows but it also means that there is lots of opportunity to be creative, to try different ideas, see what works and build from there. It’s interesting to take interactions from the real world and apply them to MR so we can study how they work in an alternative reality the user is experiencing.

Augmented Reality in Construction Industry

We will also talk about how sound and audio can be harnessed to augment reality. Our approach in designing HEXA, was focused on augmenting the modern worker, ensuring better productivity and safety. Instead of distracting them with a HUD (heads up display) UI, we wanted to explore how we could use technology to help augment their sense of hearing to make them safer and more informed at work.

Designing for MR is exciting and challenging, and set to become a bigger part of the UX/UI field as it grows in popularity. Design Partners’ talk will inspire designers who are curious about working in this space.

Looking forward to seeing you there on Saturday May 20th.

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