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A shared sustainability journey

As a product design and innovation agency, we are on a shared journey with our clients.  A key part of our future journey is the protection of our planet and its people. We are a team focused on action and delivery, but this sustainability goal will take combined efforts. Here is our mission and the supporting pillars which will align us towards delivering better and more sustainable products.

Progress in Harmony 

This is the philosophy that guides our actions.

We believe design has a central responsibility in creating a more sustainable future; in learning from short-sighted decisions of the past; and in finding more conscious ways of doing things. Progress in Harmony means standing still is not the answer, neither is progressing blindly. Our responsibility as an agency is to ensure that the next generation of products and services meet people’s needs and have commercial viability, whilst also minimising their environmental and wider sustainability impacts. Sustainable solutions require systemic changes. They require alignment among stakeholders to ensure what is designed is informed, actionable and delivers meaningful improvement.  

We all have a right to be here, to have healthy and fulfilled lives full of meaningful experiences.  Technology benefits us all in the world of work, in our daily lives, and in the provision of healthcare. Slowing technology advancements may curtail some environmental impacts, but it also affects human progress and our ability to improve things. Instead, we should review our approaches to help change the course of progress. We need harmony across the different parts of the life cycle; the resources used, the people within it, and the natural systems that support us. 

Our journey in the development of sustainability-led projects is one of continual learning and relearning. Being continually informed so that the products we design are compatible with the systems of a circular economy. In this way, we believe that what we make next can be better than what came before. 

Our 4 sustainability pillars

Below are the four sustainability pillars that guide our work so that we can make Progress in Harmony.


What we’ve been doing

  • Going deep with one of the largest computer manufacturers to develop the world’s most sustainable notebook. This involved Life Cycle Assessment studies, working across internal teams to develop actionable strategies, product ideation, and the development of physical prototypes to direct their supply chain. 
  • Creating sustainable packaging strategies for a global brand that ship millions of units annually. Bringing clarity to the teams, aligning internal stakeholders, and shaping their targets for measurable progress up to 2030 and beyond.  
  • Designing visionary pilot products that tackle the technical and emotional obsolescence associated with consumer electronic products. Enabling continued product life facilitated by enhanced durability, future compatibility, and product constructions for circularity that mitigate eventual end-of-life impacts. 
  • Sharing our insights through publishing articles, hosting webinars, and speaking at events. Helping to demystify the design for sustainability process to encourage discussion, transparency and the exchange of knowledge. 


We strive to be an agency that is implementing practical solutions to the biggest challenges of our time. If you have similar ambitions, we’d love to hear from you. You can read more in the related content underneath or contact us by clicking on the button below.

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