Services OLD Research & Strategy Translating user needs into product strategy


To create meaningful product experiences, design should be guided by a clear understanding of how users really act and live. Through studying people’s behaviours, needs and desires, we identify unmet opportunities and create appropriate product solutions to fulfil them. We balance those user insights with your brand ambition to create future roadmaps and product strategies. These strategies fuel momentum for new product development and help unite teams behind a common purpose.

Users as part of the creative process

We like to form relationships with users and often consult them right through the design process. Referencing the right users at the right time helps break down deceptive preconceptions and ensures that the creative work is always focussed on a clear and informed vision.

Seeing the bigger context

Research can offer rich description of users’ behaviours, but even greater value is gained by synthesising those observations into actionable insights. By framing our research findings within social, economic and cultural trends, we translate inexplicit behaviours into revealing needs and desires. By reviewing those needs through the lens of the brand and the competitor landscape, we convert them into business opportunities and strategy.

Research builds strategy

From our research findings, we construct narratives to inspire and direct action. We discover insights and we distil complex user behaviours into practical commercial opportunities. Our research ensures that roadmap strategies are informed by real needs and that the resulting products are appropriate for and loved by the intended audience.

Insights drives creativity

Driven by real curiosity, we seek rich insights rather than copious amounts of data, favouring what really matters over wordy research reports. Our methodology is to ensure designers are always part of the research process so that they can get the full impact of user’s insights.