Advanced Thinking

Uncovering Strategic Opportunities

We identify growth areas, foresee change, unlock new experiences and create future business value. We help companies answer difficult questions by unearthing consumer insights (focused research) and envisage new strategies based on that data. Questions like: What will your market look like in five years’ time and how can we create relevant future experiences for that space? How can we improve the sustainable impact of your products? How can we take your advanced technology and create meaningful, desirable experiences? How can you understand new customer’s needs and credibly enter new markets? What macro trends should you be responding to?

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Product Experience

Designing category leading products

We design and engineer category leading products that are insight led & user focused. Our approach encompasses everything it takes to get a product to production from research and design to engineering and back-end delivery. We design products for our clients that define categories – the best-selling gaming mouse in the world, the world’s first smart gas-detector, the world’s best crafting machines. We work with our clients to translate emerging technology into meaningful experiences that help empower and inspire people. From first responders, video gamers, specialist surgeons, to craft makers; our design, UX and engineering experts bring ideas to life, enabling people to achieve incredible things. We are human factors specialists with decades

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Groundbreaking Innovation

Ownable solutions to complex problems

We create ownable solutions to complex problems, giving our clients competitive advantage and maximum return on investment. We research, develop and prototype future experiences to give our clients ownable solutions that sets them apart from the competition. We are natural-born problem solvers, dedicated to bringing ideas to life. We investigate new solutions to difficult challenges with velocity. This could mean hacking electronics to control a drone with hand gestures, solving complex mechanical interactions to give people superhuman strength, or embedding flexible circuits onto clothing to monitor vital signs.

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