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It's all fiction until it's made real

Our Engineering team are natural born problem solvers, focused on turning compelling ideas into reality. We address mechanical, electro-mechanical, electronic and sustainability challenges, inventing new technologies and ideas at speed. We then take a scientific approach to develop, test, iterate and deliver manufacturable solutions that break new ground.


Projects range from end-to-end new product development to bringing category-leading products to production, to developing patentable mechanical or technology platforms. Using the very latest in simulation techniques, we help our clients understand the impact of decision-making throughout each project. This involves a rigorous statistical analysis to prove that the path we’re taking is correct. We then back this up with physical prototyping to validate our ideas and prove their functionality. Our approach reduces subjective judgments and allows us to deliver solutions based upon rock-solid foundations of analysis and measurement.


We foster a sense of teamwork and momentum towards a shared ambition, taking care to ensure that engineers and designers work together and are never siloed. Many of our clients have significant in-house engineering teams but they outsource to us because we extract ourselves from the internal noise and politics, making speedy progress with a smaller team. We have an ability to digest information, look at a problem from a different perspective, draw the answers out and set a clear direction.

We simplify complex challenges and help productise new technology in meaningful ways. Difficult is good. Send it our way.


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