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Solving Complexity

The Vital Moto Mod is an IoT device that measures five vital signs (heart rate, respiratory rate, pulse oximetry, core body temperature and blood pressure) by non-invasive means. The accompanying app empowers users to read and track their vitals over time by completing a series of measurements. Often, groundbreaking new products fail on their promise to end users because they are too complicated to use and neglect to fit naturally into people’s lives. Our UX / UI team solved the problem of complexity by greatly simplifying the customer experience. The team then sought to find innovative ways in which instructions and information are communicated to the end user to deliver a superior and desirable product. 

vitals app UI image

Design Research to find Insights

To create an effortless user experience, our team engaged with target users early in the process to understand their behaviours, motivations and perceptions. The ethnographic research uncovered key insights that could be used to deliver a more seamless solution. Ease-of-use was improved by segmenting the user’s workflow into simple tasks and refining each interaction with our iterative design process. Paper prototypes, low fidelity wireframes and clicking demos were tested throughout the project with end users and the client team to find the most intuitive designs that had the fastest learning curves.


Optimistic not Clinical

Once the optimum user experience was captured, we created high-fidelity designs for the app. Many medical devices and healthcare apps are designed for the hospital environment and are inappropriate for home use as they leave the end user with a clinical and cold feeling, reminding them of their condition. Our goal was to create a product that was optimistic and inspiring; one that differentiated Vitals in the market and fit into the end users everyday life by helping them monitor and maintain their health and wellbeing.  Key to the designs’ success were instructional animations that guide the user through the testing process. We collaborated in the implementation of a new branding scheme to reflect the modern identity of the offering while appealing to a consumer market; refining colour palettes, typography, and animations.


A Harmonious System

The Vitals system effortlessly marries digital and physical interaction. Each touch point imparts a positive and empowering experience for end users to deliver a next generation customer experience in connected home healthcare.

vitals App UI

Design Partners are experts at designing complex interactions where human meets technology. By harnessing physical and digital design we create new experiences that enhance efficiency, efficacy and user engagement. If you would like to learn more about our UX / UI capabilities or connect with our design teams, contact us at or connect through our LinkedIn page.

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14 May May 2019

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