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Sleep Monitoring System

Everybody values a great night’s sleep; from people focussed on self-optimization to those who are sleep deprived and simply need it to function well during the day. Great sleep leads to a great life. ResMed collaborated with Design Partners to create the S+. It is a completely non-contact sleep tracking device and interactive sleep coaching system that helps individuals improve the quality of their sleep.

S+Sleep Monitoring
S+Sleep Monitoring

Connected Health

The technology works by detecting the movement of the upper body while sleeping. The movement it detects consists of the expansion and relaxation of the chest from breathing and overall body movements such as positional changes, arm twitches and shrugs. The S+ includes software algorithms that recognize the combination of respiration and body-movement signals, so that the overall sleep state can be reliably assessed.

Two target segments were identified with needs that the ResMed S+ could satisfy. The first of these are people who seek to optimize their health and well being. The second are people who suffer from bad sleeping patterns and are worried about the damaging effects of this on their health.Âsleep

Meaningful Design

The breadth of wearable, quantified self and internet-connected products offered from different brands promise varying levels of tracking, measuring and monitoring. Many of these offer data and information that most people cannot utilise to effect positive outcomes. We needed to ensure the experience was meaningful for the discerning sleep deprived users. The S+ experience demystifies the language of sleep, measures all types of sleep, builds an accurate personal profile of each user and offers helpful tailored advice to get a better night’s sleep.


A Fresh Perspective

The design of the S+ captures a strong balance between a trusted scientific device and a personal product that belongs in the bedroom. Although the ResMed technology is clinically proven and users were looking for a credible scientific device, it was clear that they did not want a medical looking device sitting beside their bed – one of the most intimate places in their home. It is a confident, intuitive yet familiar experience that empowers people to get a better night’s sleep.


The world’s first non-contact sleep sensor

Resmed S+ has set the standard for non-contact sleep monitoring. The design of the product and packaging facilitated ResMed’s S+ positioning in the Apple Store and it is also now integrated with the Apple Healthkit. It is a confident, intuitive and familiar experience that empowers people to get a better night’s sleep.

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