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Streamlining Interaction

Effective Software helps organizations to streamline Health and Safety processes with a smart, flexible, and affordable compliance management system. We worked with them to modernize their user interface (UI), making it more intuitive and accessible for end users, and improving the visual design of the UI to reflect their leading-edge approach and positive internal culture.


Solving Complexity

The first step to solving complex user interface problems is to acquire a deep understanding of the end users – their motivations, needs and pain points. The design team’s immersion into understanding the various stakeholder needs, as well as the user interface workflows, culminated in an innovation workshop with Effective Software. This helped unearth specific requirements for the new product design (such as the need for a much-improved navigation) as well as prioritising the most important workflows to target for improvement.

61391077 - mockup copy space blank screen concept

Undertaking a redesign of the the system navigation, along with the dashboard provided an opportunity to build out a UI design system, which not only delivered a more professional and contemporary look to the interface but instantly differentiated Effective Software from competitors, helping to reduce user friction and drive success. As Effective Software highlighted to us early in the process; all SAAS companies live and die by their NPS scores.

“For new customers they have a significantly better first-time experience and it is starting to impact our NPS scores with existing customers.”

– Sean O’Sullivan, Effective Software


Designed for impact

Our UX / UI team are specialists at understanding people’s needs and motivations and translating these insights into compelling user experiences. Our team collaborated closely with Effective Software to deliver a solution that had significant impact on their end users as well as their sales. 

To learn more about our process or to work with our UX / UI team contact us at or connect through our LinkedIn page.

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14 May May 2019

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