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An Ecosystem for Safety

Design Partners have collaborated with Honeywell SPS Experience Design to create the Searchzone Sonik, acoustic gas leak detector, which delivers a new and innovative approach through it’s connected ecosystem of digital interfaces and accessory tools.

This award-winning product is designed to operate in the most harsh and challenging work environments, where the leak of hazardous or flammable gases can have dangerous, costly and environmentally disastrous effects.

Designing out Risks
Designing out Risks
Designing out Risks

Through ultrasonic technology, the Searchzone Sonik detects gas leaks by efficiently “hearing” the loss of containment of any high-pressure gas within its listening zone. The device specifically responds to the ultrasonic sound pressure level produced by pressurized gas leaks, it is therefore unaffected by noisy environmental conditions. Combined with traditional gas detection, Honeywell’s system enables immediate and decisive action to protect workers and assets.

A robust design process was required in order to uncover, understand and mitigate against the numerous risks involved in placing a product in to such a unique environment.


Easing Adoption

The Design Partners team engaged in a body of ethnographic research conducted with industry experts, with a design focus on day-to-day activities, workflows and experiences in order to understand how to reduce risks, improve efficiencies and build confidence.

The Searchzone Sonik device follows a product platform approach, which has been applied across Honeywell’s gas detection equipment range, which means a technician with experience installing similar Honeywell devices will have instant familiarly. This is achieved by creating common design cues, interaction principles, parts and assembly strategies. This also has the added benefit of reducing new product R+D efforts and accelerates industry adoption across the range.

A Bluetooth connected app allows enables remote access to each device for set-up, interrogation and maintenance, with is supported by a rugged, ergonomic test-tool that enables testing from the ground – removing the need to work at heights and reducing possible hazards.

Designing out Risks
Designing out Risks

Successful Collaboration

The Searchzone Sonik maximises safety and efficiency, with improved reliability across a wide range of applications and working environments.  Ease of use and user engagement are facilitated through the App and test tools.

For nearly 50 years, Honeywell have been protecting people who work in hostile environments and are committed to securing the health and safety of their customers and workers.

At Design Partners, we understand that commitment and have collaborated in the realisation of many of their most innovative and celebrated products in recent years. Designing products for workers in extreme and harsh environments requires strong collaboration, combined with first-hand industry knowledge, to empower a user centric design process.


Our design team understand how to collaborate with industry experts to create solutions that fit the unique needs of extreme users and environments.  If you would like to learn more about our design process or connect with our design teams, contact us at or connect through our LinkedIn page.

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