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How do you tear up the rule book to make stronger connections with consumers? In the world of shower enclosures, ranges are typically categorised by style and price point. However, we realised that by identifying and prioritising people’s specific needs, we can find new and more effective ways to position Flair’s brand, products, and ranges. It’s an approach that breaks category convention and puts user needs front and centre.



Our research found that shower consumers can be categorised into 3 main segments that directly relate to their life stages and priorities. One style does not fit all. The first category is entry-level users; most likely first-time home buyers who need an affordable and functional product. Next comes families; there are suddenly more people in and out of the shower every day, so robustness and the ability to cope with the chaos of family life becomes a higher priority. Finally comes empty nesters; the household is back to one or two people and luxury is more likely to be sought after, as well as a shower that can cater for lessened agility with age. We researched products that each group were buying, what aesthetics they surround themselves with, the activities they take part in, and the needs they have. From the cars they drive to the furniture they buy, we built up an in-depth understanding of the needs of each life stage. For example, entry-level buyers are more likely to install the shower enclosure themselves, so making it simple to install is vital to the design. However, the empty nesters have become less agile and could need a shower enclosure that is easy to clean.


Design Strategy

We called our strategy, ‘Designed for Life’ and this has now been adopted as Flair’s strapline. It represents a significant departure in a market that is rigidly categorised by price point. User needs, however, are rarely that simple. We are carrying the ‘Designed for Life’ theme across a series of different products. So far, these include ORO, Flair’s core range, and ETO, aimed at young home buyers. In each case, the product design and experience are rooted in a knowledge of people’s needs and life stages, with every detail carefully considered.

Designed for Life
Designed for Life
Designed for Life


Our innovative approach has won Flair iF Awards, Red Dot Design Awards, and Good Design Awards for products across their ranges. Since the adoption of our ‘Designed for Life’ strategy, Flair has succeeded in winning a firmer foothold in bathroom showrooms, a vital part of the buying process. Their success is proof that taking the bold step to think differently, break with category convention and focus on user needs, pays off.

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