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TIME Invention of the Year

Taking a temperature is so every day that often the importance of it as a medical diagnostic tool is over-looked. It can be forgotten that temperature reading, and temperature trend data can inform early medical action that save lives.

In the context of providing medical aid to third world countries (such as Liberia during the country’s civil war and Ebola outbreak) the use of an accurate thermometer which does not depend on consumables for infection control, becomes an innovative, lifesaving tool of significant importance. Time listed the ARC as one of the top inventions of the year.


Meaningful Innovation

Design Partners designed the InstaTemp no-touch thermometers for Arc devices, a non-touch thermometer that measures core-body temperature giving it a significant medical science advantage over traditional thermometers.

Its innovative sensor technology makes it the most accurate non-touch thermometer on the market, with many advantages over traditional thermometers; non-touch technology means that the danger of passing on infection is eliminated, disposable necessity of traditional thermometers are no longer required having both a positive environmental and financial impact, and InstaTemp measures internal core-body temperature rather than the external body temperature as traditional thermometers do.

instatemp no touch thermometer
instatemp at home
instatemp fridge magnet
using instatemp at home
Connected Health

Arc Devices distributed thermometers to field hospitals in Liberia in an attempt to raise the accuracy of their vital sign measurements post Ebola outbreaks.

using instatemp in Liberia
Connected Health

Global Impact

Design Partners reflected the simplicity of the product and the cleverness of Arc’s technology in the design experience: One touch and one button giving accurate core temperature reading in a second. The Arc product is available at 70% less cost, the technology is cutting edge and it is unaffected by climate. The product is researched, designed, developed and manufactured in Ireland.

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