consumer interaction Designing a Holistic In-Flight Entertainment Experience

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Disrupting the Clouds

Many In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) offerings develop their hardware products and software products in isolation, resulting in clunky interfaces and poor usability and now, with Netflix on a tablet, passengers are seeing less value in the seat-mounted screens.

Working with various companies in the aviation industry, such as Airvod and Mythopeia, Design Partners took a holistic approach to designing a new IFE experience — both digitally and physically. Our user-centred design approach uncovered opportunities to make the in-flight experience more fluid and flexible in the confines of the aircraft cabin. We created new user interface designs, industrial designs and instead of competing with passengers’ portables, we looked to integrate them into the customer’s journey.


A Personalised Approach

Identifying and integrating meaningful services such as in-flight amenities, shopping and personalised flight data into the in-flight system gives the screen a new relevance. Personalising the on-screen content across the ecosystem of products was a new approach to interaction design in in-flight entertainment. Having your travel information, preferences and smart recommendations at your fingertips makes any journey more comforting and enjoyable. Moreover for service providers, having passengers use the IFE instead of a personal device allows for a better, more targeted use of advertisement revenue.

Inviting passengers to connect their own devices to the system created a natural ecosystem of use instead of competing with their pocket devices. The physical controls and ports were positioned in a way to encourage this behaviour that also helped maximise the screen real estate and ensured a thinner, more portable solution.

“A critical success factor is that Airvod has full control of the product development road map. This is a key differentiator and should be a primary consideration for an airline when selecting their product strategy”

Terence Bonar, CEO at Airvod

Designing a Holistic In-Flight Entertainment Experience
Designing a Holistic In-Flight Entertainment Experience
Designing a Holistic In-Flight Entertainment Experience

Holistic Design Experiences

In many existing IFEs the physical buttons and digital interface are unrelated and passengers find them confusing and overcomplicated, the interaction can become slow and inefficient and differentiation for airlines can be more challenging. For Airvod and Mythopeia, the physical and digital experiences of their IFE players were designed in tandem offering a more seamless, beautiful and enjoyable flight for customers and providing a competitive edge to for the airlines.


Exciting Journeys

Personalisation, optimisation and an integrated approach to both digital and physical design looks to bring a new, exciting suite of digital and physical products to a slow-adoption industry. The collaboration secured Airvod partnership with Abu Dhabi’s Rotana Jet, Privat Air and Jetstar Airways

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9 February Feb 2017

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