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Design Partners are exhibiting at Predict, Europe’s Leading Data Conference. Predict covers data science, technology and the future.

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More than 50 international and Irish speakers will speak on topics including Artificial Intelligence, Manufacturing 4.0, Sport, Fintech / Blockchain, Sharing Economy, Data Science, Internet of Things, Health & Quantified Self.


Healthcare, Connectivity and Big Data

Healthcare is an industry where being able to quickly digest and interpret data is of the upmost importance. As connectivity and big data are enabling improved patient treatment outcomes, they are also adding increased complexity to products and services. How that data is captured from users, patients and clinical environments and then presented back in a meaningful and timely manner is an important consideration in the successful delivery of any system or product. Cormac discusses how companies can deliver services that are intuitive and joyful to use, and presents the design methodology that results in compelling and resonant end-user experiences.


 Leading Design Initiatives

Cormac Ó Conaire is Creative Director at Design Partners. For over a decade, Cormac has been leading design initiatives and collaborating with global brands to create world best-selling and award-winning products and experiences, both digital and physical. Cormac leads the UI / UX team in Design partners, who focus on simplifying user workflows, enhancing digital experiences, and optimising user interfaces. Cormac’s approach has enabled him to lead and inspire global teams in driving innovation, new product development and business growth.


Book your tickets to Predict 2018 Arrange to meet us at Predict 2018