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Made famous by Brendan Glesson’s shenanigans in the film; “The Guard and by the exotic interior created by Philip Treacy, we were delighted to have played our part in creating and manufacturing furniture for the landmark ‘G Hotel’ in Galway.
Philip Tracy was a great collaborator, he knew exactly what he wanted and left it entirely up to us to work out how to translate clear concepts, conceived using traditional millinery tools into workable functioning door handles, light fittings, a concierge desk and other objects. Our CAD and translation skills were essential for maintaining the clarity of form so crisply defined by the designer. We also needed to dig deep into our engineering and production knowledge to make technically demanding products with an extremely tight tooling and engineering budget.

When he stress tested the bedroom, Brendan Gleeson did not actually knock over the light fittings but if he had done they would have “Failed to, not broken… a term I will discuss in more detail in my next entry — Brian Stephens.pt_1pt_2