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Let’s be honest, keyboards get dirty. Remnants of lunches and months of dust are all culprits, but a coffee spill could be even more disastrous. So wouldn’t it be great if a keyboard was washable and endure life’s little mishaps at the computer?
To create a durable keyboard that could easily be cleaned, resist spills and prevent lodged crumbs, the keyboard had to be designed from the ground up and every single detail scrutinized. Surfaces had to be kept as simple and ‘clean’ as possible so the keyboard could be washed or wiped with a cloth and the underside needed to allow water to escape. However, the real breakthrough was in the design of the structure of each key. Every standard keyboard has visible gaps around the keys, through which crumbs and sugary liquids could easily enter and ruin the typing experience. The innovation was to make the keys essentially ‘float’ above the top case and thereby hiding the gaps and making them inaccessible to dirt.

The end result is a keyboard design that has achieved beauty through its form following its function.