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The Emperor's Shoes

We love to work with artists who are defining a new direction in their disciplines. Brazilian footwear designer, Andreia Chaves, combines craftsmanship, cutting edge technology that is rarely used in the Fashion Industry and visual stimulations from her native Sao Paulo to create stunning pieces of artwork for your feet. We collaborated with Andreia on her first commercial studio series which was launched at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2011.


Her critical acclaimed first studio series titled “InvisibleShoe”, which is available in limited edition, has been featured in leading fashion publications, international exhibitions and collected by some of the greatest patrons of contemporary fashion (including Bjork – below).


Our expertise in digital technologies helped Andreia to refine and realise her vision. DP’s James Lynch worked with Andreia to hone the 3D file that we validated in model form and then shaped and sized to fit. We have also been working with Andreia on her second studio series where she is exploring the metal/jewellery craftsmanship applied to footwear design.

Bjork wearing the Invisible Shoes