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The FLOW X DESIGN report is here! You can access the complete study below as well as view the recording of Design Partners’ FLOW X DESIGN master class. See the insights from the panel of 11 amazing experts and high achievers. We reveal what flow really means to them, and the role that mindset and equipment plays. Plus, we explore the implications of design in helping everyone achieve the highest levels of flow and happiness.

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    Imagine being at your most productive and creative, but also at your happiest. This is achieved in a state called FLOW. In Positive Psychology, flow is a state when you are fully immersed in an activity, feeling energized, and completely absorbed in the moment.

    All of us can achieve flow, but we wanted to find out how experts and high achievers get into flow, then use the data to benefit everyone. This year we asked a panel of 11 experts and high achievers what flow means to them and how their mindset and equipment play a part in bringing flow into their lives. We’ve been studying flow states to help design more meaningful experiences for people. As designers, the deeper we understand people, the better we can create experiences that empower and inspire them.

    Watch our FLOW X DESIGN master class below.


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