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Jack Connolly

Medical Device Designer

Jack is a Medical Device Designer in Design Partners, specializing in usability testing for physical and digital products. Jack has an MSc in medical device design and has been designing products and experiences in the consumer and healthcare sectors for 6 years.


Design with the Patient in Mind

Design Partners is delighted to be part of MedTech Brew, as part of the third annual European Medtech Week. It takes place next Tuesday 20th June in the Glasshouse at Electric in Galway. It is an informal evening which will explore the theme ‘Design with the Patient in Mind’ and Design Partners will be covering the topic of Design for Patient Adherence.

Irish Medtech Association Ibec, Patient Adherence

Run by the Irish Medtech Association and BioInnovate Ireland, the Medtech Brew initiative was launched as part of MedTech Europe’s ‘Value of Medtech’ campaign to improve awareness and understanding of the medtech sector amongst stakeholders such as the general public, politicians, regulators, healthcare professionals and patients.

Healthcare systems are under pressure with demographic changes, the rise of chronic diseases, higher demands and fewer resources. Design can now help transform healthcare and medtech in a similar way to other major manufacturing industries. As this specialist area evolves, getting it right for the patient will be a major driving factor in determining what makes a successful product. At the event, entrepreneurs and designers will explore how design thinking helps businesses flourish and provide better patient care.

Design PartnersJack Connolly Presentation & Discussion

If you don’t already know, Design Partners is a 35-person, award-winning, industrial & interaction design consultancy based in Bray, with clients all over the world.  I am a medical device designer and usability expert. At Medtech Brew, I will talk about how Design partners addresses the challenges of patient adherence. I will talk about our approach on patient engagement projects, and the opportunities to improve patient experiences. I will also share some examples of our work in the field.

The world health organization and Patient Adherence:

The World Health Organization reports that patient adherence to prescribed medication can be as low as 50% and states that

“increasing the effectiveness of adherence interventions may have a far greater impact on the health of the population than any improvement in specific medical treatments”.

How can we as designers help the medtech industry to improve patient adherence and outcomes? Medical jargon, nervousness, and information overload make it difficult for patients to remember the key information

Communication is key. It is well documented in scientific literature that verbal communication between patients and doctors can be less than ideal — medical jargon, nervousness, and information overload make it difficult for patients to remember the key information. On top of that, managing multiple medications, dosage regimens, and side-effects all increase the friction patients need to overcome to keep consistent with their treatment. We are interested in identifying those pinch-points in the patient journey and understanding how we can design around them to create a positive patient experience.

Designing with the Patient in Mind

I will also talk about our work in the pharmaceutical industry — in both patient-onboarding and medication management; illustrating how designing systems that offer the right information at the right time and that fit into the context of patients’ lives, can empower patients to better manage their illnesses and medications.

“Designing for patient adherence is a challenging task but the benefits of increased adherence make it incredibly rewarding”

My talk will highlight how designing positive patient experiences can empower patients, improving patient adherence along the way.

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