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A New Form Of Maker Culture

Advances in CAD/CAM technology has democratised production and allowed designers to create increasingly complex forms, at an exponentially accelerated rate, but it has also resulted in a physical rift between the maker and the made object.

The ‘Decoding Craftsmanship’ event, held at the Joseph Walsh Studio, is the first in a series of talks and workshops to open the conversation on how emerging technologies can enable a new form of maker culture.

Decoding Craftsmanship
Decoding Craftsmanship
Decoding Craftsmanship
Decoding Craftsmanship

Digital Maker

Over 2-days of talks and workshops, and with stimulating contributions from renowned designers, architects, engineers and technicians, the event explored how digital tools can successfully merge with a heritage of making to create a new form of maker culture.

Cathal Loughanane, Creative Director at Design Partners, spoke about a unique approach to industrial design in which craft techniques are merged with advanced computer aided technology, in the process of creating award-winning and best-selling products.

Cathal Loughnane presenting "From Hand to Hand" - a design process.

Decoding Craftsmanship

Holding the hand carved model of Logitech's highly successful MX Master.

Decoding Craftsmanship

High resolution 3D Printing created in our in-house prototyping facility.

Decoding Craftsmanship

Crafting tactile patterns using algorithms and software.

Decoding Craftsmanship


Contributors at the event included Joseph Walsh, Head of Studio – Joseph Walsh Studio, Peter Flynn, Director – Arup Dublin, Miroslav Hlava, Computational Design – Joseph Walsh Studio, Thomas Bryans, Director – If_Do, Phil Cook, Advanced Trainer – Simply Rhino, Arthur Mamou-Mani, Trainer – Simply Rhino, Gergely Kovacs, Head of Computational Design – Heatherwick Studio, Cathal Loughnane, Creative Director – Design Partners and Peter Sheehan, Founder – Peter Sheehan Studio.

This first event in the series was hosted at Joseph Walsh Studio.

Joseph Walsh is an internationally renowned designer maker, whose work reflects an understanding and sympathetic use of material, an intimate relationship between finding forms and creating structures and a continuity and resolve from concept to making. Based in Co Cork, Ireland, his studio employs a skilled team who achieve his ambitious pieces. From both culturally and academically diverse backgrounds such as the Furniture College Letterfrack (Ireland), the Shinrin Takumi Juku (Japan) and Les Compagnons du Devoir (France), the team continuously challenge existing practice to realise his challenging concepts in an innovative environment. Joseph Walsh Studio has now established itself as one of the leading studio workshops in Europe.

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27 March Mar 2017

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