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Ronan Fitzsimons

Client Engagement Director

Ronan is Client Engagement Director at Design Partners, Bray, Ireland.


Translating Emerging Technologies into Meaningful Solutions

By Ronan Fitzsimons, Client Engagement Director, Design Partners


The speed of technological innovation today can be both an exciting and frightening prospect for product leaders in the Home Automation Solutions (HAS) space.

Transformational technologies such as facial recognition, deep learning, gesture and voice control open up lots of opportunities to create new product experiences that have the potential to impact the daily lives of millions of householders, and of course grow revenue and market share. Throw in reduced cost of sensor technologies and the latest HAS industry publication forecasting a healthy CAGR in the late-teens over the next five years, and suddenly there is pressure to join the race and deliver first mover advantage before it’s too late.

Yet more often than not, this cocktail of excitement and pressure culminates into a launch of a new product to market which results in poor engagement, zero longevity and potential damage to your brand.

One of my colleagues at Design Partners calls this “The Wild Frontier of Innovation – a place that tempts product leaders down a myriad of paths and possibilities”.

We have all seen the IoT product fails from smart kettles to smart toasters to learn just because you can do it, doesn’t mean you should. Why doesn’t your product reach full potential and resonate with your customers?

Sharing the room with Smart Home leaders from organisations such as Bluetooth SIG, Hive, IKEA, EDF Energy, Z-wave Alliance and Ericsson ConsumerLab, this key challenge of Translating Emerging Technologies into Meaningful Solutions is exactly what Design Partners’ Creative Director Cathal will be talking about at the upcoming European Smart Homes conference taking place in London on 25th & 26th of October 2017.

Drawing upon his experience working with world leading Smart Home brands such as Verisure Securitas, Nest, Samsung, Panasonic, ADT, Logitech and iControl, Cathal will be sharing the principles that define Design Partners’ approach to designing for success in the Smart Home.

We look forward to seeing you there! If you can’t make it, please reach out to us to learn more.

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