Natural and Intelligent

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SilvairSmart, Adaptive Control

The Internet of Things is not a new category; it is a gradual shift in modern culture. Smart, connected devices are changing the way we interact with technology and this shift demands a rethink in how we create products and services together. We need to design intelligent, meaningful services that adapt to the user’s changing needs and to the potential of new technology.

Despite their flexibility, smartphones are not always the most convenient or natural input device for smart environments. For example, turning off your lights in an app could require up to six interactions, whereas flicking a light switch (or automated actions) can be instant.

We designed the Silvair family of connected products with those principles in mind.

Silvair Control is a gesture controlled device that creates natural interactions within intelligent environments. It allows users to control their lights, music, heating and connected devices around their home or office with gesture and touch.

It is a part of Silvair Mesh, an innovative platform of both hardware and software developed by Silvair that allows users to wirelessly configure, control and manage their environments to drive energy costs down, increase efficiency and improve well-being of building occupants.

The platform of products we designed has established Silvair as the leading contributor in the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, paving the way for the Bluetooth Mesh that will make smart devices aware of the surrounding world and allow them to communicate with each other.


    IDI Making Things Award
    IDI Universal Design Award
    Liminal exhibition Milan, New York, Eindhoven & Dublin.