Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for iPad

The perfect iPad companion

Understanding the experience to create the reference keyboard.

What is the perfect accessory for the perfect product? This is the challenge we set ourselves when designing Logitech’s Ultrathin Keyboard Cover - a sleek protective cover with an integrated Bluetooth keyboard and stand.

It was clear that while the touch based interface on the iPad is great for certain tasks, when it comes to typing the experience is just not optimal. We were mindful that any accessory products should be complementary to the core iPad experience and this was our starting point – to design a sleek and stylish typing solution that is as instant and solid as the iPad itself.  Housed in an aluminum cover, the dock and built-in Bluetooth keyboard offer a powerful typing solution that looks and feels great – designed to impress. Clever additions complete the experience - Instant on/off conserves battery power. A simple magnetic clip securely attaches the cover to your iPad. It aligns quickly and easily—just clip and go.

Logitech Keyboard Cover White+black