Logitech Keyboard Combo

Engaging the Empowered

Confidence and character in a competitive market

How do you design for a young, emerging market that has been empowered to be different? This was the challenge we faced when Logitech approached us to design a wireless keyboard mouse combo for the Chinese youth market. Within this competitive landscape; the combo needed to differentiate itself from competitors and retail at a low price point of 119RMB ($18USD). 

Being considerate of a youthful, budget-conscious market who desire products which appeal to their sense of individuality and confidence was fundamental to our approach. They live in compact dwellings which makes the consideration for space a key concern. We found that this limit on personal space also encourages this generation to create dwellings which are rich in expression to reflect their own character.

In order to resonate with this young target audience the design of the MK240 combo focuses on being fun, fresh and expressive. The solution, a solid-state, compact form factor which creates a fresh, confident design that is not afraid to express its geometry and volume. Bright accent colours create character and individuality in a product category saturated with monotone competitors. The compact nature of the design also fits seamlessly into the cluttered lifestyle which this youthful generation lead.