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When a gamer is in the middle of a gaming session nothing else matters. Anything that breaks this connection making them aware of the world outside can be fatal. That’s why complete immersion was our aim when designing the newest additions to Logitech’s G-series gaming gear.

After the massive success of 2010’s award-winning gear - the G35 was the best-selling gaming headset in the U.S while the G15 and G19 were in the top 3 best-selling gaming keyboards in the world - it was a going to be a challenge.

As a result of our intensive research and gamer testing, we positioned all controls on the G700 mouse exactly where they were needed so they could be found ‘blind’ without looking. We applied the same precision to the G510 keyboard layout.  Despite the fact that the G930 headset became wireless and therefore needed a battery, we managed to make it lighter and slimmer so it remained comfortable to wear for longer gaming sessions.

The result was rave reviews, bestselling gaming gear and near invincibility for gamers.

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