Essential Family Companion

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ARC DevicesARC InstaTemp™

Family life is fun, busy and often chaotic. Parents lead busy lives and want reassurance that their kids are healthy and getting the best out of life. Positioning the ARC InstaTemp™ as an essential family tool was the cornerstone of our approach as we set out to create the first in a range of ground breaking non-touch infrared thermometers.

The ARC InstaTemp™ discretely takes the temperature of a sick child whether they are sleeping, watching TV or playing their favourite game, ultimately reducing stress and reassuring parents.  Building on this story of the thermometer as the go to tool, we decided that the thermometer should express simplicity and live at convenient locations around the home. The design features a versatile attachment hole for hanging, tethering or mounting to a custom storage holder. The storage holder has a magnetic and adhesive detail for attachment to medical cabinets, children’s’ bookcases or the kitchen fridge, the natural hub of any home.

The ARC InstaTemp™ reflects the simplicity and convenience that busy families’ value and establishes the identity of the new brand through product design and user experience.