Design Partners Medical

Complete to-market solution

Medical design requires a disciplined approach where many fields of expertise collaborate to create successful solutions that are tested and verified throughout the development process.

At Design Partners, we apply a rigorous process of design iteration and verification testing to ensure that our solutions are optimised for safety, usability and manufacture. We provide support and consultation to clients throughout the product development process from first concept to final production specification.

Our approach

Our approach is research based and focused on delivering the best solution to answer user needs. Human Factors Engineering (HFE) is integrated in line with FDA recommendations and training to ensure that we meet the usability and safety requirements that are paramount in medical design.

We turn HFE based research into actionable product development solutions which results in new IP and competitive advantage for our clients. This approach has delivered commercial success for clients such as Welch Allyn, GE, Elan and Medtronic.

Our team

For over 25 years, we have worked closely with our clients on product development strategy that has taken products from concept to reality. We have assembled a multi-disciplinary team who can provide expert consultancy on any aspect of medical product development.

Our in house team comprises of product, graphic and packaging designers as well as mechanical engineers, user interface, human factors and ergonomic experts. We have in house capability to produce digital media and 3D Cad files as well as a full prototype facility to test and verify our designs. The strong role of engineering and applied human factors teams within our process and close vendor relationships ensure seamless transition into production.

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