Medical Diagnostic Tool

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ARC DevicesARC InstaTemp MD™

Taking a temperature is so every day that the importance of it as a medical diagnostic tool is often over looked.

It can be forgotten that temperature reading, and temperature trend data can inform early medical action that save lives.

Designed for clinical use, ARC InstaTemp MD™ enables health care professionals to discreetly take accurate core body temperature readings of their patients, with a simple point and click.

InstaTemp MD™’s leading sensor technology makes it the most accurate non-touch thermometer on the market, with many advantages over traditional thermometers;

• Non-touch technology means that the danger of passing on infection is eliminated.
• Consumables necessary with traditional thermometers are no longer required having both a positive environmental and financial impact.
• InstaTemp MD™ measures internal core-body temperature rather than the external body temperature as per traditional thermometers.

Design Partners wanted to make sure that the physical embodiment delivered on the potential of this new technology and the possibilities it opened up for users. With this in mind, we wanted the form of the product to be uncomplicated, visually simple; so that professional as well as lay users would instantly know how to use the product. The user simply points the device at a patient’s forehead and presses the button, seconds later an accurate temperature reading appears on screen.

The design also features a versatile attachment hole for hanging, tethering or mounting to a custom storage holder, meaning the thermometer is always to hand as a go-to-tool.

In the context of providing medical aid to third world countries, where access to hospitals is difficult or virtually impossible, the use of an accurate, readily available thermometer that does not depend on a consumable for infection control becomes a lifesaving tool of significant importance. Also the diagnostic advantage of measuring core-body temperature cannot be over looked, especially in these challenging care environments, making it an ideal tool for disaster areas where costly medical aid needs to be quickly deployed. The attached video shows the product being used in, post Ebola, Liberia.

Researched, designed, developed and perfected in Ireland in conjunction with Tyndall institute and Arc Devices R&D team based in Galway. InstaTemp MD™ is fully manufactured in Cork, Ireland.