Inside Our New Studio

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    We set out to build a destination that would let creativity flow. A destination for global talent to come together and bring bold new propositions to life. An 11,000 square foot studio with spaces and facilities that enable people to transition swiftly between creative methods; collaboration, introspection and making.

    It has been an exciting few months since we opened during the summer and have since collaborated on new projects with global brands, brave start-ups and enthusiastic students from our academic network. We look forward to welcoming you to our new studio where we can create brilliant new products and experiences together!

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Comment: #1 by Martin Dinnage on November 27, 2014

Wow! Looks amazing - it must be a very inspiring environment to work in.

Comment: #2 by Design Partners on November 28, 2014

Thanks Martin! We are really enjoying the space - still finding new ways to work in it!

Comment: #3 by Steve on December 26, 2014

it is awesome... But the people make th the business... Great team

Comment: #4 by Matheus Gomes on October 14, 2015

Wow! It looks amazing!
So fresh and inspiring, great atmosphere for any creative work.
Fair play to you guys, well done!

Comment: #5 by satish komaragiri on October 23, 2015

Great space for creative work